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SuperReceipt provides structured data from sales receipts printed on Star-Micronics thermal receipt printers. Only integrate this very simple API to obtain receipt data from virtually any POS! We use this functionality as part of our platform to ingest sales data. But we also make it available as a web API (application programming interface) to third-parties who can then integrate it with their own services.


    Access sales data from virtually any POS, as long as you print receipts on Star printers
    No need to integrate a proprietary interface for each POS
    Uniform data format irrespective of which POS is used; only integrate 1 API to ingest data from 100s of POS systems!
    Ideal for companies and service providers that need access to sales data from multiple POS systems



Star-Micronics receipt printers upload an image of each printed sales receipt to the Star Cloud. When a retailer enables the 'Sophatar Data Access' service in the Star marketplace at
Sophatar can access these images. We are notified of every receipt printed in real-time, run optical character recognition (OCR) and parsing on your receipts, and then store the receipt data that you can query via this API at any time.
The API is super-easy to integrate and we provide integration with the popular Postman REST API client.
We also provide a web-based receipt viewer and interactive receipt analytics screen.

For more info on the SuperReceipt API, and to run the API in Postman, check our online docs at:


SuperReceipt is available as an add-on service to our ProxiScreen digital signage or ProxiPay-Go kiosks to dynamically change content shown based on sales transactions. It is also available to system integrators.